A small town overlooked by a large Faerie Forest.

The Inn of the Crossed Swords—A small inn and tavern that hosted the players. Due to the number of deaths among young men the Inn skews towards older patron.

Father Stevon—The local priest. He has suspicions about Sadie Ashley and the Infernal.

Sadie Ashley—Aunt of Sara Ashley. Descendant of June Ashley. She’s older and Sara was the center of her life. Currently thinks Ashley is married to the local Faerie Prince.

June Ashley—Wili. Died on her wedding night 70 years ago. She was betrothed to the Faerie Prince. Upon her death, she turned into a ghostly creature who took mens souls with her kiss.

Sara Ashley—Given to the Faerie Prince who ‘fed’ her to her Great-Great-Aunt June. Ashley was sending young men into the forest after June’s blue rose—- the price the Faerie Prince told her to prove her love to him.

Dripfinger—Rootwwyrm. Took the Magi to the Prince.


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