Eisenfaust Information

Palatinate Forest Nestled in the valley west of Speyer, about a days ride out, Eisenfaust was the victim of the Schism War. A death curse kept Magi out of the area until it was avoided out of habit.

Much information on Eisenfaust has been destroyed as it was considered a black mark on the Tribunal’s history.

878: Eisenfaust formed.

931: At the Eighth Grand Tribunal. Archmage Septimus defeated in Certamen by the Primus of House Bonisagus. Eisenfaust pledges Tribute to Durenmar of 10 pawns of Vis per year.

1017: In the final year of the Schism War Eisenfaust falls. Having taken advantage of the warfare to crush several young Covenants both in the Tribunal and abroad, Eisenfaust’s power and ruthlessness caused the leading Covenants of the Tribunal to bring the battle to their door. Durenmar, Treverorum, and Rethra joined to destroy Eisdenfaust. Many masters and Archmages died before Septimus himself fell, including the Primus of House Bonisagus.

The earth was to be salted and the remains of the Covenant destroyed but deaths plagued the workers, including the Apprentice of the Magus sent to oversee the final burying of Eisenfaust.

Eisenfaust: A History

Eisenfaust was founded by Sarabond, of house Tytalus; Septimus, of Flambeau; Jeska, of Jerbiton; and Octavion, follower of Tremere. The young Magi conquered the earth Wyrm Argatheran in the founding of their Covenant. Though they were known to be an ambitious and hot-headed group of Magi, their triumphs in the founding of their Covenant left the Tribunal no choice but to give them the votes needed to remain.

Trouble started soon after, as a Quaesitor of House Guernicus was killed during an investigation of Jeska, who was accused of controlling local lords and assassinating their enemies. As Quaestior O’Fallon was killed during an attack on Eisenfaust by Kellonis, spawn of Argatheran, it was seen as an unfortunate coincidence.

The Magi of Eisenfaust testified at Tribunal of the heroic actions of Quaestior O’Fallon and how he saved them from the final attack, driving Kellonis off with his final breaths. A great donation of Vis, in the memory of their brother, helped see the next investigation softened. Jeska was reprimanded for her interference and given a fine of 20 Vis and 1 season of service in the Great Library, scribing texts.

Septimus rose to power, aided by an ambitious Apprentice, Tallak, who became his Herald. Tallak would visit Covenants with resources or policies that intruded on that of Eisenfaust and enter into negotiations with the Magi there. If it was not worked out to his satisfaction, a declaration of Wizard War would be made soon after. Septimus and Octavian were terrible foes and worked closely together to intimidate many Magi of the Tribunal.

During the Eighth Grand Tribunal, Eisenfaust worked their reputation on many Covenants in order to secure regency over a huge area in the Palatinate Forest. Fearful of being unable to stop a vote, the Primus of House Bonisagus challenged Septimus to Certamen. Eager to see the Primus laid low, Septimus eagerly agreed. Though he fought well, he was soundly defeated.

Tail between his legs, Septimus and the rest of Eisenfaust retreated back to their Covenant.

The outbreak of the Schism War allowed them to collect a great amount of power as they destroyed other Covenants and took their knowledge and treasures. Threatening to take over the Rhine, Eisenfaust was assaulted by the combined might of many Covenants.

Many great Magi were lost during the fighting, including the Primus Bonisagus. Septimus’ last act was to give cry to a death curse which shattered his tower, bringing many Magi down with it.


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