Reign of Spring

Reign of Spring Overview

The Year of Our Lord 1218, from the Rhine Tribunal.

Fengheld has been pushing for control over the Rhine Tribunal, setting Durenmar and its allies on edge. The older covenants have banded together to halt the spread of the new, but the Archmage Stentorious, leader of Fengheld, is a crafty and powerful adversary. He has quickly made inroads it was impossible to stop without egregious breaches of ettiqute or the Code of Hermes.

Murion, head of Durenmar, recieved word that Fengheld was preparing to send a group of young Magi to find and claim fallen Winter Covenants in the area around Worms. Many covenants have failed in these magic and Vis rich areas, the powers that lie within the forests being unwelcoming of Magi.

Knowing that it would be impossible to deny the formation of a new Covenant who claimed these ancient ruins for their own, Murion quickly gathered together a group of promising, young, newly Gauntleted Magi to beat Fengheld to the punch and create a Covenant friendlier to Durenmar’s politics.

She thought she’d found a group of easily tractable Magi, who would sit up and beg for the scraps from her table.

She was wrong. She found you.

Unknowingly sending you into more power then she could have counted on, she’ll discover the folly of thinking any group of independant Magi could be so easily swayed.

Perched to attain great power in the Rhine, your Covenant may someday hold the key to the control of the Rhine Tribunal, be it Durenmar, Fengheld, your own Covenant, or any of the other contenders.

Between the discovery of ancient wonders and the creation of new power, the politics of the Rhine will crash down upon you like a mighty storm.

Will you hold fast or be drowned by power?


godfatherbrak godfatherbrak

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