Reign of Spring

10/3/8: Dark Nights in Hunsbruck

First session

Intro: Told that the woman they loved would only marry the man who went into the Faerie woods and take the Blue Flower from the ghost of Sarah Ashley, who was said to haunt the woods, three young men headed into the depths of the woods. Following the blue glow of the Cemetery, Reiner, Wilhelm, and Eckehard found themselves surrounded by wolves at a bridge with a 5’ gap in it. They leaped over it, Eckehard barely making the jump. They climbed a small cliff and found themselves in a graveyard that stretched as far as they eye could see.

They saw the apparition of Sarah and went towards her. Reiner, gifted with Second Sight, looked between worlds and saw a shield stretching the air between themselves and the ghost. As they neared her, they heard a loud crack and undead legionarries rose from the graves around them. In the ensuing struggle, Reiner fell to one of the undead and Wilhelm disengaged and rushed towards the ghost. Eckehard fought bravely but had difficulty harming the armored undead.

Wilhelm tried to take the flower from the ghost and found himself bewitched by the creature, who kissed him and stole from him his lifeforce. Facing the three undead on his own now, Eckehard was spared when Sarah drew him to her and kissed him, drinking of his life force.

  • * *

The three Magi (unnamed as of yet—-this was our first session) approached the small town of Hunsruck. They were sent by their masters to go to Durenmar, where they were to start a new Covenant. On the way, they were asked to look into disappearances taking place in this area.

Father Stonehauser went to speak to the local priest, Father Stefan, and discovered that Eckehard had returned from the forest a week past. Twice, he’d escaped and gone back in, coming back more drained and lethargic each time. He was chained in the basement of the church to keep him safe. One of the burglars who went around with the group broke into the church and checked out the Father’s room as Father Stienhost spoke to Father Stefan. He discovered papers that seemed to have agitated scribbling and notes on them. Unable to read, he took them to the Magi.

The Magi found out that June Ashley had told the boys to go into the forest to find the rose. They also discovered that several others had done the same thing. One of the Magi cast a spell on June’s guardian so that if she were to lie, frosted breath would come from her. When they questioned June, they found that her guardian, Sadie Ashley, was afraid of something and was trying to protect her.

By intimidating her, they found that June was to marry the Faerie Prince of the Forest. One of the Magi, raised by Faeries, thought this didn’t sit right and so they took June to see Eckehard. She didn’t care about the death that she was bringing about, as she had already secured the love of an immortal.

Seeing no other choice, they took the two into the Faerie woods and were met by Dripfinger, a Rootwyrm. When they told them why they were there—to stop the impending nuptials—Dripfinger laughed at them. They asked to be taken to the Prince and were escorted to him.

The Prince wasn’t interested in June—-he was to marry Sarah but she had died the day of their wedding. The men sent to their deaths were energy for her to come more into this world. Because blood calls to blood, the Magi decided to let him have June for his bride’s last meal and returned with Eckehard.

Sadie had gathered the men of the village and told them that they’d taken June. When the Magi returned without June, they convinced the villagers that June had married the Prince and that no more of their men would go to their deaths.

When they left, they took Eckehard with them and found in their wagon a large, blue crystal rose. The same one that Sarah Ashley had carried with her.


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