Reign of Spring

Catching up

Searching out Eisenfaust, the Magi discovered a blasted, cracked terrain where the villagers had been trapped for more than 80 years. A lone tower, cracked at the top, dominated the landscape. They met Septimus, the ancient lord of Eisenfaust, who had transformed into something tied into the land around him.

A group of bandits terrorized the villagers, who were unable to leave the physical proximity to Eisenfaust. The Magi sought them out near a Divine grove where they made their base. Fleeing the Divine Aura in order to be more effective, the party cut down the bandits and took their leader to the people of Eisenfaust.

They eventually gave over the leader to the not-so-tender mercies of the people he had terrorized for so long. When the Magi went to speak again to Septimus, they struck a deal and sealed it in blood. They would keep Septimus and his continued existence a secret from the Order and, in return, Septimus would send them magical books and items that he had no use for any longer.

The other Magi went North, to the Gottwald. They discovered a land locked in snow. The Faerie Queen, abducted by the Court of Winter, had never been returned to the Spring King. The King of Dark Dreams had ruled for a long time and their hatred for Magi had become the stuff of legend.

Offering to find the lost Queen, the Magi took a pendant of hers and discovered a Faerie Knight who was keeping her captive. They rescued her and restored the King of Dreams to his Throne, making a pact with the Fae so the Magi would be able to set up a Covenant in the area.


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