Reign of Spring


Into the depths

Cendra and Deitrich were waylaid on their way back to town by a cult of Satanis. Deitrich was knocked from his horse and taken by the cult. Cendra fled on foot back to the Aschestang.

The Magi headed into the mines, searching for whatever it was that might be below--particularly what might have lead to the death of the previous Magi at the Covenant. They discovered some small Salamandars—elemental fire spirits. They gathered the bodies of the three they killed and sent them back with one of their grogs.

Meanwhile, up above, Cendra returns in a panic. Stephen and Robert took her into the Regio the Covenant was hidden in before getting The ‘Swede. It wasn’t long before they spotted cult members converging on the Covenant. Cendra, having returned from the Regio, helped them set an ambush in the lodgehouse. Cendra, lacking great skill in the dagger, found the armor of the cult members too much for her. Robert (or Stephen) managed to get in some great blows as he rushed out the door, dropping one cult member before pressing his attack upon the next.

Below, the Magi delved deeper. Alric transformed into a wolf and caught the scent of the Salamandar. They found the lava flow that the mines ran into and, with it, a larger Salamandar—the size of an ox. They found that their magical skills, still young, were barely strong enough to push through the Magical resistance of the Elemental. Kaldaro tried to keep it distracted with an illusion while Alric cast Hands of Grasping Stone, traping the Salamandar while two of the Grogs went to attack. One of them, slipping underneath the beast, was saved as Gregor magically pulled him from underneath. The other, bracing the sword against his torso, slammed deep into the creature and gutted it.

Meanwhile, the ‘Swede, armed with a large frying pan, found himself gravely injured as he fought. Stephen (or Robert) came to his aid and they killed all but two of the cult members, keeping them (one nearly dead) for the tender mercies of the Magi.

Upon his return, Gregor transformed into his scaly, winged glory and burned the nearly dead cultist alive. He sent the final cultist back to warn the cult that they were taking the Covenant for their own and that Mages are not to be trifled with.


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