Reign of Spring

10/12/08: Over the river and through the woods...

At Durenmar, the Magi were offered political support to create a Covenant that, while not controlled by Durenmar, would be friendly to their aims. Three possible locations, ruined Covenants of old, had been picked out by the First Covenant. After researching the three areas, they left by river to reach Aschestang.

Upon reaching the small town near where Aschestang was located, Cendra was able to flirt with a local guide, Dietrich. Dietrich had been to the site of the Covenant a few times and lead the way.

The site of Aschestang (Ash Spear) had a large mill with a broken waterwheel and a long lodge house that would be suffiecent for visitors to stay in but not a Convenant. They camped out for the evening after searching the mill and the lodge house but found no way to get into the Regio which had been discovered.

Stephen and Robert, twins who everyone has a hard time telling apart, were set for watch in the mill. The strangeness of the interior kept them on edge until they heard a giggle. Robert saw, out of the corner of his eye, pixies and sprites playing in the intricate laticework of the millworks. One of the faeries scared Stephen, who stumbled backwards out of a chute that had no purpose they could determine.

Stephen disappeared.

Robert ran in and awoke everyone. Coming to check it out, the Magi spoke with the Faeries, who were of little help. Alric realized they were looking at a playground for the small faeries and was soon pushed down the chute by Kaldaro, who’d figured out the secret. You have to go backwards down the chute.

The chute leads to a very cold shallow pool of water. As Alric entered into the Regio, he found Stephen screaming, sword up, ready to attack this new intruder. As the rest of the party came through, a quick search of the upper stories showed a great deal to be catalogued and claimed.

While the Magi prepared to delve deeper into the mines to discover what might have happened, Stephen and Robert were sent with the chef, the ‘Swede, to try to salvage what they could of the kitchens.


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